PrintBuilding a New Home?  Considering an energy retrofit with your remodel?  Interested in software-assisted modeling to determine the cost vs. benefits of improvements to your structure?

Artisan Energy provieds accurate solutions for your questions.  With over 8 years of experience as an independent energy analyst, Mark Lydon will apply his wealth of experience to identify best-practices that meet your triple-bottom-line goals.  Mark works with commercial, municipal, and private clients at the design, build, and punchlist phases to highlight strategies and outcomes that result in more comfortable, durable, safe, and efficient buildings.

Frozen pipes!

iceburst_pipeFrozen pipes can be more than a nuisance in causing delayed hot water.  Once water freezes in a pressurized water line, it can burst causing at least a mess and worse: expensive water damage and possibly mold.

This winter has been cold.  If you are experiencing unusual activity in your house please call for a free phone consultation.  Building shell analysis through thermography and depressurization can literally pin-point the source of the problem.  We will work together to identify the most cost-effective solution to invest your resources in resolving this problem.

This link provides good advice for emergency management if you have a frozen pipe.  After the water is flowing again, call Artisan Energy to ensure that the problem never returns.


HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index

hers indexA car’s efficiency is simply stated in MPG.  But how are houses described?  Btus per square feet?  Comfort units per person?  Linear feet of granite counterop per kitchen area?

The HERS index is a nationally recognized system for assessing the energy efficiency of a home.  The HERS index compares your home to a comparably-sized home built to the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code.  With this number you can have a third-party assessment of its performance according to many inputs including insulation, air leakage, appliances, windows, and lighting.

Why would you pay for this?  Perhaps you are selling the house and would like to reliably market the performance upgrades.  Perhaps you would like to make some improvements and know what the relative outcomes will be.  Perhaps you’re simply curious and would like to know.  Whatever your motivation, Artisan Energy LLC would be happy to help you with your decision.

Bring on the ‘Nerd Gear’ :)

Thanks to Cat Capellero and the September 2013 issue of Madison’s Abode section for a great write-up!  I loved the humor that she brought to this subject.

This is an excellent time of the year to have an assessment done since temperatures are falling and the fall can be a great time to work on your house.  And, as the article suggests, this can be excellent time of the year to augment your winter wardrobe with some good silk or woolen long johns!

Attic Air Sealing Guide and Details

Capture stairWhat I do for a living is not rocket science.  It’s basic physics: things move from high concentration to low concentration.  I basically repeat that on a daily basis and then encourage people to keep the valuable stuff in while sending the bad stuff out.

But it’s amazing how easy it is to screw stuff up.  Customer reviews indicate that Artisan Energy provides clear and relevant reports.  But it’s tricky to include all the details.

Want more details?  Read this.  It’s basically a how-to manual for what I do.  Excellent air sealing tips, reasoning behind the logic, and fun to read.  Thanks to and Dr. J. Lstiburek for the guidance.

How to Increase the Energy Efficiency of Your Home Lighting

Incandescent fixtures accept compact fluorescent bulbs. OK so you’ve insulated.  You’re told that your house is acceptably tight.  The furnace is “high-enough” efficiency and you run your AC about 4 weeks per year.  Now what?

Lighting! Read more here!  We overlook lighting’s contribution to total home energy but as the shell upgrades are maxed out, the “slice of the home energy pie” occupied by lighting substantially increases.

Simple: turn ‘em off!

Medium: Delamp.  Translated: see if you can stand 1 bulb instead of 2.  2 bulbs instead of 3.  etc.

Advanced: Learn about light quality: color temperature and color renderering index.  Then go invest in some CFLs and LEDs!

We’ll be hearing a lot about this in the coming years.  And remember: you’ll get used to the light quality and it’s more affordable for our community to buy efficiency upgrades than to buy a new power plant.

Green Madison – no longer taking new applicants

promoGreenMadison740Call soon to schedule your Green Madison follow-up assessment!  If you have completed eligible measures from a noted Trade Ally and are seeking incentive processing, then please call for a follow-up visit at no additional charge.  This program will close Aug 30, 2013 so the time to act is upon us.

This federally supported program is no longer taking new applicants as of June 15, 2013.